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Silver Spring Doula Jenny Corbett enjoying time with her family.Rose Quintilian, a Silver Spring Doula, with her family.

Why Virtual Consults?

Why do we do virtual consults instead of in-person meetings with potential clients? Well first of all, we don’t want to charge for meeting with potential clients! We know there are a ton of doulas out there, and you have to meet a few to decide who best fits your personality and birth vision. Our service area is HUGE, and driving all over the DC area is costly and time-consuming (2 hours on the beltway, anyone?). Two make this feasible fit into the unpredictable life of a doula, we would have to charge for consults or raise our rates – neither of which we want to do!

We also feel like our website has a ton of answers to most of your basic questions – poke around and see!

The schedule is updated Friday morning, and is maintained 2-4 weeks in advance.

Wondering how are we different from the big group doula practices? One way is that we always talk one-on-one with all of our potential clients via video conference. Read more here!

As doulas, we are passionate about helping mothers and families have their very best birth and postpartum experience. As wives and mothers ourselves, we are also dedicated to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Our email server doesn’t not send or receive email addresses smoothly. They are often lost in the ether either coming or going. Please reach out using a different email address, or call!

All of our available appointment times are shown on the calendar.

Please do not schedule a consult without first checking our availability for your due date.