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What Silver Spring Doula clients say about Rose and Jenny

Rose Quintilian

I am so glad that I had Rose with me when I had my daughter, and for the weeks leading up to it when I was preparing for her birth. As a first time mom, I really appreciated having someone on my side that knew what to expect and could guide me through the process. When I was offered interventions, Rose was invaluable in helping me think through my options and make an informed decision. She knew the questions to ask me to help me consider the pros and cons and possible outcomes of different options, which let me feel very in control and comfortable with the decisions that I made. I can’t say enough good things!

Janelle Fernandez, 4/12/2018

We had a great experience with Rose, I found her helpful. She is very good at understanding when to propose ideas and when to hang back. As the male partner, I appreciated having someone to focus on childbirth. She knew the process, how it feels, when to encourage my wife to stick to the birth plan, and when let medical professionals make a decision. Despite my efforts to learn, I’ve never thought I understood the process and options for a birth well enough to be an independently helpful partner during birth. A doula made it easier because I could offer support to my wife in a more informed way.

Rose also took a lot of pictures afterwards. That meant I could hold our new baby rather than worry that I’d missed a good picture. We appreciated the option of post-partum care because we had a difficult post-partum period for our first child. I would recommend Rose without reservation.

Ryan Miller 3/28/2018

Rose is the best! Upon meeting her I immediately felt relaxed and reassured in her presence. I was in labor for 60 hours and she stayed by my side the entire time, my solid rock.

I have no doubt that without her I wouldn’ve had a c-section, but instead I was able to go without medication the majority of the time and have a vaginal birth. She helped me evaluate the decisions I had to make during the birth and helped me communicate my needs to the hospital staff.

Rose worked as as a team with my husband and he loved that she was there to give him a break. He wasn’t sure we needed a doula at first, but after the birth he was telling everyone about her!! WE LOVE ROSE!!

Rebecca Atwater 7/31/2017

Sweet Silver Spring Doula African American Baby girl in crocheted outfit
Silver Spring Doula baby resting on mom after birth

Rose gave me strength, positivity and support throughout the entire birth of our first child. She was an integral part for both me and my husband having such an amazing birthing experiencing. During the birth, I immediately felt Rose’s calming energy. This was supplemented by her ability to help my husband stay connected with me throughout the birth. Rose not only anticipated my needs, but also made sure my husband could keep me comfortable when he was unsure what to do. This made the experience a truly unforgettable one to share with my husband.

During birth, Rose stayed by my side and helped me emotionally by being in tuned with what I needed. Having the two of them was all I needed to get through the process. I plan on having more children, and I cannot imagine birth without Rose there by our side during such a special experience.

Angela Russel 8/12/2016